Repository Status

Work in progress. All blank cells are TBDs. Idea is not to duplicate the software checklist or other information held in repositories, but to summarise it in one place.

CI Dashboard #


Repository CI Status Coverage Default branch Static Analysis
FAIR-CLI FAIR Data Pipeline CLI codecov develop Quality Gate Status
data-registry FAIR Data Registry codecov main unknown
cppDataPipeline FDP C++ API Coverage main Quality Gate Status
DataPipeline.jl Package Testing codecov main unknown
javaDataPipeline test with reg codecov main Code style checked on commit (not automated)
pyDataPipeline pyDataPipeline codecov dev unknown
rDataPipeline rDataPipeline codecov main unknown
cppSimpleModel cppSimpleModel NA main NA
Julia example?
javaSimpleModel build run w fair cli NA master NA
pySimpleModel build NA main NA
rSimpleModel build NA main NA

Note: static analyusis may nto be available or appropriate for all languages.

Documentation #

Repository Remarks
FAIR-CLI Docs in readme and in docs folder, doscstrings not currently used to build docs.
data-registry User docs on Hugo site. Dev docs in docs folder of repo.
cppDataPipeline Automated docs built to website
DataPipeline.jl Automated docs built to website, also
javaDataPipeline Automated docs built to website, also user docs
pyDataPipeline Automated docs built to website, also
rDataPipeline Automated docs built to website, also
Julia example?

Status #

Repository Type Maintained Developer Docs User Docs Contributing Guide Tests Static Analysis
cppDataPipeline Modelling API Yes
cppSimpleModel Example Yes
data-registry Registry Yes
DataPipeline.jl Modelling API Yes
FDP_hugo Website Yes
javaDataPipeline Modelling API Yes
javaSimpleModel Example Yes
pyDataPipeline Modelling API Yes
pySimpleModel Example Yes
rDataPipeline Modelling API Yes
rSimpleModel Example Yes