cppDataPipeline 0.3.0
C++ Implementation of the FAIR Data Pipeline API
FAIR Data Pipeline C++ API

FDP C++ API Coverage License: LGPL v3 software-checklist DOI



You can build and test the library using CMake, this implementation requires C++11.

It is recomended that you install CURL prior to installation of this API

compile the library and tests by running:

$ cmake --build build

Important For multi-config compilers such as Visual Studio xcode or ninja the config type needs to be set to Release otherwise the API will not build for example:

$ cmake --build build --config=Release


The main class the user will interact with is DataPipeline which has only the required methods such as link_read etc. This class has a member which is a pointer to an underlying DataPipelineImpl_ class which performs the various procedures required to handle the data. A logger has been used to give as much feedback to the user as possible, the verbosity being handled by a log level argument.


The environment variable FDP_LOG_LEVEL=[TRACE:DEBUG:INFO:WARN:ERROR:CRITICAL:OFF] can be set to specify the logging output level.

Unit Tests

The unit tests use the local registry, this needs to be running prior to running the tests see: the CLI documentation

Tests can be lauched using the following command:


$ ./build/bin/fdpapi-tests


$ build\bin\Release\fdpapi-tests.exe